Ken Richardson Trophy winner 2019

Welcome to the website for this beautiful car which won the Ken Richardson Trophy in 2019.  Click here to read about that.

Here I will share all the history,  pictures and information about the car.

If you have any information about the car, or once knew it, please get in touch so that I can add your knowledge to the history pages of this website.

TR3A (Commission Number TS59432L) was originally built in Coventry on 9th October 1959, as an export model and sent to the USA.  It lived in Texas for at least some of its 44 years in the US. During 1997 and 1998 it underwent a body off restoration in the US. It was repatriated to the UK in November 2003 on purchase by a UK citizen at which point its mileage was listed as 89000. Over the following years various improvements to the mechanicals were carried out and it was registered in the UK as 549 YUG. At one point a replacement short engine, of a compatible date, which had been rebuilt by Bill Piggott, was fitted following a broken crankshaft on the previous engine. The car had further owners who used it little until it was sold in August 2017 to Ian Lucraft who has continued its improvement.

I bought my first TR3 in side lassooed1967 for my 21st, working building sites and family presents to buy HJX 126, a real heap of rust!  After three years my dad wanted his garage back, and from then on life intervened.  On my parent’s death, I used the gift they gave me to buy this car.  He would have loved it.  He asked for nearly 50 years if I would ever get another. (Click My first TR3 for more about HJX 126.)

I call it “Nursey”, because if I ever need a nurse (only 72 now) I will have to sell it to pay for one.